How to Use Custom Printed Napkins to Boost Your Promotions

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                            Bring your cocktail napkins to life with digitally printed napkins for your business. With digital printing, you can create photo-real images on the front and back of your napkin with virtually no design limitations. For example, a steakhouse can print an actual photo of a steak on the napkin, not just the steakhouse logo! You can even use photos taken with … Read More

Is It Time To Change That Cutting Board?

adminHealth/Safety, Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Cutting boards are a touchy subject! Some people are set on wood, while others are set on plastic. However, now that food safety and food borne illnesses have become a concern in restaurants, the question arises: which type of cutting board is the safest to prevent any issues with cross-contamination? Wood vs. Plastic Although there is the perception that plastic cutting boards are safer and easier to clean, research has shown that is not necessarily … Read More