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Debbie Visalli, co-owner of Bandanas Mexican Grille, along with her daughters, Sarah and Morgan, have a personal connection to the Jersey shore and its ocean and beaches.  The ocean has served to fuel the economy in the small resort town of Wildwood, the home of Bandanas, and has been a source of recreation and fitness for the entire Visalli family. A dedicated environmentalist, Visalli wants the ocean to remain a source of enjoyment for the … Read More

How to Use Custom Printed Napkins to Boost Your Promotions

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                            Bring your cocktail napkins to life with digitally printed napkins for your business. With digital printing, you can create photo-real images on the front and back of your napkin with virtually no design limitations. For example, a steakhouse can print an actual photo of a steak on the napkin, not just the steakhouse logo! You can even use photos taken with … Read More

Attract Guests To Your Hotel with Eco-Friendly Practices!


Go Green Hotels: Green Ideas for Hotels and Resorts   This page lists sustainable ideas for green hotels and resorts. Eco hotels can keep up to date on green lodging news at Green Lodging News, Green Hotelier and Green Biz Tourism & Hospitality. If you would like to encourage hotels you stay at to implement these ideas, consider inviting them to visit this page ( through their hotel comment card. Find green hotels through TripAdvisor … Read More

Is It Time To Change That Cutting Board?

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Cutting boards are a touchy subject! Some people are set on wood, while others are set on plastic. However, now that food safety and food borne illnesses have become a concern in restaurants, the question arises: which type of cutting board is the safest to prevent any issues with cross-contamination? Wood vs. Plastic Although there is the perception that plastic cutting boards are safer and easier to clean, research has shown that is not necessarily … Read More

Clorox Total 360 – Ultimate Disinfecting System Cleans Where Others Don’t

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Clorox Total 360 System - Hospitals

Clorox Professional Products Company introduced the Clorox Total 360 System to the commercial cleaning market. This surface treatment system, recently awarded the professional cleaning industry’s top honor, uses patented electrostatic technology to reach even the hardest-to-reach places with trusted Clorox products. Think about all the nooks and crannies you’ll find in a hospital or school or a gym that can harbor illness-causing germs. The Clorox Total 360 System makes it significantly easier to reach surfaces … Read More

How Clorox Total 360 Can Impact Student Success

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How Clorox Total 360 Can Impact Student Success With nearly 22 million school days lost annually to the common cold, preventing the spread of germs depends heavily on maintaining a clean school. There are many hot spots for bacteria in a school environment, and, adding to the challenge, cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from a few seconds to 48 hours, making these areas highly dangerous when not routinely disinfected. We all know … Read More

Healthy Schools & the Clorox Total 360 System

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Clorox Total 360 for healthy schools

Healthy Schools & the Clorox Total 360 The U.S. Department of Education refers to absenteeism in the nation’s schools as “a hidden educational crisis.” Schools should be a place where young minds flourish, not where illness causing viruses and bacteria reside. Unfortunately, though, schools consist of thousands of hard to reach surfaces covered in pathogens than can spread disease and are also difficult to disinfect, increasing both financial and human risk. The good news is … Read More